Create Reports

Create clients, managers, technicians, jobs and spools. All the elements you need to produce professional NDT reports.

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Manage Report

Inspect and edit reports. Manage all of your NDT inspection reports in one place and collaborate with team members.

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Sign Off Report

Accept, reject and sign off reports using digital signatures. Notify clients. Create and manage invoices.

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Built for a Mobile World

Device-friendly Design

The system is fully flexible and works across all devices and platforms. This method of working means clients can work from anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet.

An offline solution is also available to clients who cannot access the internet and want a system that works off any PC. The Windows-based system requires an online service to submit reports to the Cloud.

NDT TECH Features

Digital Signatures, HSQE Templates

Developed to adhere to clients’ UKAS commitments, and built in tandem with HSQE departments, NDT:Tech crucially ensures the overall ongoing longevity and integrity of NDT Reporting as an NDT operator.

Save money - NDT operator costs reductions

NDT Clients reduce print costs by not having a paper-based system that requires time to locate and update or consult past reports. With NDT: TECH, reports can easily be edited live and re-reports are simply reproduced saving time and money.

Flexible build

NDT clients can forward-plan how the software can maximise the benefits to the business, what procedures need to be accounted for and what system suits their needs best.

Time saving – End user client

The end user, for example, the H&S; department of an energy company, will make significant savings in terms of machinery or plant downtime, because the wait between inspection and final report is reduced and the process is simplified and streamlined.

Increase ROI + Save money + Retain clients + Create change for the better

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Cloud-based NDT inspection reporting

NDT:TECH is a device-friendly, cloud-based reporting system for generating NDT reports including; MPI, DPI, UT, HYDRO RAD and many more. NDT:TECH offers NDT testing companies a streamlined and cost-effective eReporting solution. If you would like to arrange a software demonstration or chat to us directly, get in touch to see how we can help your business.

Flexible design, tough on integrity