NDT Tech is a new scaleable eReporting software solutions that is based on the cloud. The system can be set up to work for multiple sites across the globe and is developed in partnership with standards departments within the industry.  The system is built with your business needs in mind, and is not an off the shelf product. 

By upgrading to an e-based solution, as opposed to traditional paper-based reporting, companies can make considerable savings in both time and money.

This is because where inspection reporting has previously been both unwieldy, at times frustratingly slow, and even open to occasional human error, now there is a proven alternative: through using our RDT web-based application, reporting and approval is speeded up, data is stored efficiently and securely, allowing for efficient measurement and analysis when required.

On average, a NDT company producing more than 3000 colour reports a year can save more than £5k a year on their print costs by switching to an RDT eReporting system.

Time saving – NDT company, Because our software automatically supplies 80% of the form content through drop-down options, much of the time currently taken by administrators writing up inspection outcomes is eradicated. Technicians sign off reports live with digital signatures and a report then becomes instantly available to the end user client. We estimate the cost saving for a typical NDT company producing 3000 reports a year is over £15k in saved time.

Time saving – End user client, The end user, for example, the H&S department of an energy company, will make significant savings in terms of machinery or plant downtime, because the wait between inspection and final report is reduced and the process is simplified and streamlined.

The NDT Tech solution has been developed to make life easier for your team and your clients.  To request a demo of the system please contact Scott Seeley here.

Client testimonial: 
“Before the database arrived our clients would have had to send their drivers all the way to our base in the hope that their reports would be ready. Now they are automatically notified that the report is complete: it’s simply a case of logging onto their portal and downloading. The result? The job can be released approximately 6-8 hours earlier than was previously possible. That’s a time saving of around a full day – which in the industries we work with, can be critical.”
Applus RTD, Aberdeen

End-user testimonial:
“With the new process and contacts we have been given, the turnaround for any amendments has vastly improved.” 
EESL Aberdeen

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