Spotlight - NDT:TECH Benefits

Spotlight - NDT:TECH Benefits

Some eReporting System benefits include:

Reduction of client waiting time
.  If, for instance, the spool is completed on our back-shift, then the paperwork is not completed until the day shift administrator arrives, if there are corrections required, then again, this will add to the delay, if there is a back-log, more delays!  The database will be live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the World (as long as you can connect to the internet!).  We aim to install terminals to each of our RAD and Hydro bays with a secure log in issued to each Technician (This will be experience and competence dependent thus ensuring only correctly qualified Technicians work on the equipment).  Each Technician will be able to complete their reports at time of completion, they will then up-load to our clients portal thus allowing the client real-time access to their reports.

Reducing the risk of inaccuracies in client record keeping -  If a repair is identified, then as soon as the Technician presses “Repair” on the database, the system will automatically lock that report in, forcing a second report (Prefixed with an “R” for repair) to be created once the repair has cleared.

Eliminating the risk of the same Technician performing both pre and post stress tests – Once the database creates the job and recognises the requirement for pre and post, it will not allow the same Technician to log in and complete the report.

Clients are updated in “real-time” – Once the Technician has had the graphs interpreted and the report is completed, it will be uploaded to the portal which at that time triggers an email notification to be sent straight to the Client's inbox.  

Reducing the carbon footprint – By generating web based reports, the need for drivers to collect reports will be significantly reduced, as will your paper and printer requirements.

Creating traceability - The system will also generate a delivery ticket that must be signed for when picking up graphs, allowing us traceability on all films.

Reducing admin time - The Client will also have the option to send reports back to us for corrections via the portal which again can save valuable time.

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