RDT Software launches into the NDT marketplace with NDT Tech a cloud based online eReporting tool.

RDT Software launches into the NDT marketplace with NDT Tech a cloud based online eReporting tool.

NDT Tech is a specialised eReporting system that formulates all the main reporting requirements of a NDT Test operation.

The cloud-based application tool is designed to streamline and modernise inspection reporting using effective, efficient systems. Changing to this online method saves companies both time and money by making inspection a 24/7 solution: far more time and cost-efficient compared with the conventional manual, paper-based report and approval process. The system can be set up to run on multiple sites and allows for specialised reporting for upstream clients as well as land-based operators. The primary benefits over pen and paper reporting include:

1. On average a NDT eReporting System can save a NDT company producing more than 3000 reports a year upwards of 5K+ annually. This is in part because the system enables reports and graphs to be available and digitally signed online, instead of producing costly colour hard copy print outs requiring storage.

2. On average a NDT eReporting System administrator can save at least 1 hour, generally more, (depending on the report requirements) from the time it takes to administer a NDT report. The system provides 80% of the field drop down content, which is controlled by a system administrator, content can be added in real time to reports, and this allows for Inspection Criteria to be changed hourly to suit clients. Minimising down time can make a critical difference in many of the sectors we work in.

3. The system eradicates the requirement of administrators rewriting content. It also stops fatal errors being recorded. Technicians sign off reports live with digital signatures and reports are automatically available to end user clients.
This time saving alone based on a NDT company producing 3000 reports a year is estimated at over 30k+

4. On average the end user client, i.e. the client of the NDT Test company can save crucial time is takes to receive the final signed report. The average client running over 3000 reports will save on average over 15K+ a year.

For more information or a demo of the system please contact scott@rdtsoftware.com

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